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Silica fume concrete overlay repair, the bridge deck is first prepared by hydrodemolition in order to remove the salt-contaminated concrete.

The water and debris are blown off the deck. Bonding grout containing one part cement and one part sand plus 15 percent silica fume by mass of cement is broomed into place on the deck. The concrete is placed and finished. Silica Fume eliminates bleed water in concrete, finishing silica-fume concrete for bridge decks and other flatwork usually is done without the bleed water waiting periods associated with traditional finishing .

Using fast-track finishing, the contractor finishes the work in less time and uses fewer workers, thus saving time and money. There is no need to worry about broken fogging equipment and missing the application of evaporation retarders; just focus on moving quickly from placing and finishing to protecting and curing. Silica-fume concrete has been successfullyplaced by all means of concrete placement methods, including direct discharge from mixer trucks, crane and bucket, tremie under water, and pumping.


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