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A deep foundation is a type of foundation distinguished from shallow foundations by the depth they are embedded into the ground. The common reasons are very large design loads, a poor soil at shallow depth, or site constraints (like property lines).


Deep foundations can be made out of timber, steel, reinforced concrete and pre-tensioned concrete. Deep foundations can be installed by either driving them into the ground or drilling a shaft and filling it with concrete, mass or reinforced


Structures must have very sturdy and secure foundations to remain standing. Concrete serves as one of the most commonly used materials for foundations. Christensen Brothers, Inc. have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to construct solid deep foundations to make your structure stand the test of time. Contractors sometimes need to build deep concrete foundations when the soil does not have the characteristics needed to support the structure.

The concrete used in the deep foundations is either reinforced or pre-tensioned. Deep foundations are those founding too deeply below the finished ground surface for their base bearing capacity to be affected by surface conditions, this is usually at depths >3 m below finished ground level. Deep foundations can be used to transfer the loading to a deeper, more competent strata at depth if unsuitable soils are present near the surface. Deep foundations derive their support from deeper soils or bedrock. Christensen Brothers, Inc. have the equipment, resources, knowledge, and experience to construct deep foundations for any project.


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