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Pavement constructed from Portland Cement Concrete is the most durable, safe & cost efficient paving option available. Highways, airfields, streets and local roads built from quality portland cement concrete pavement offers long lasting & low maintenance surfaces that lower long term costs of maintaining your pavement system. Christensen Brothers, Inc. has the equipment & experience for any construction project. Building Concrete Structures for 5 generations since 1927.


BEST LONG-TERM VALUE Concrete pavements are by far the best long-term value because of their longer life expectancies, durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

CONCRETE STAYS SMOOTHER LONGER The rigidity of concrete pavements allows them to keep their smooth riding surface long after construction. Smoother pavements create safer, more comfortable riding surfaces.

CONCRETE IS SAFER Concrete does not rut, so there is no hydroplaning and stress on an automobile's steering system. Concrete reflects 33 to 50 percent more light than asphalt, especially important for driving safely at night.


RIGID FOR LIFE Concrete actually gets stronger over time. After its first month in place, concrete continues to slowly gain ten percent strength during its life.

CONCRETE ROADS LAST LONGER , ARE MORE DURABLE Concrete can best withstand the heaviest traffic loads. There's no need to worry about ruts, shoving or washboard effects possible with asphalt pavements.

BEST TRACTION GRIP Concrete pavements are easily textured during construction to create a surface that provides superior traction and a quiet ride.

OUTLASTS FLEXIBLE MATERIALS Depending on the system requirements, concrete pavements can be designed to last 40 years and more, thus making concrete the best long-term pavement solution.

EXCEEDS ITS OWN LIFE EXPECTANCY Concrete pavements frequently outlast both their designed life expectancy and traffic loads.

EASY TO REPAIR The durability of concrete minimizes the need for extensive repairs or annual maintenance. When repairs are necessary, they are typically smaller in scope than asphalt pavements.

RAPID PAVING Surprisingly, concrete pavement can be built and open to traffic in as little as 12 hours.

IDEAL FOR DISTRESSED ASPHALT Whitetopping--placing a layer of standard concrete over existing asphalt surfaces, or, Ultra Thin Whitetopping--a process of placing a thin layer of fiber-reinforced concrete over prepared asphalt, are cost-effective, expedient methods of rehabilitating distressed asphalt pavements.

BEST CHOICE FOR WORN CONCRETE Restoration techniques can extend the life of concrete pavements up to nine times their original design life.

CONCRETE ROADS SAVE FUEL Concrete's rigid surface makes it easier for wheels to roll. Studies have even shown that if all trucks rode on concrete, fuel savings would be about 11 million gallons per day: that's four billion gallons per year!

BEST VISIBILITY, SAFETY AND SAVINGS Because concrete reflects light, it increases visibility (thus SAFETY), and can save on street lighting costs. A North Carolina study found the number of street lights could be reduced by one-third when the streets were made of concrete. This saves kilowatts and taxpayer dollars.

CONCRETE IS LESS EXPENSIVE Concrete pavements deliver considerable savings for both taxpayers, local and state governments. Consider these documented facts. Concrete pavements:

CONCRETE IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The useful life of a concrete road is 40 years. When it is replaced, the old surface can be crushed and used in the new road. Modern concrete roads are very smooth-riding, energy-saving, cooler, and quiet.

CONCRETE IS THE BEST LIFE-CYCLE-COST CHOICE Life-Cycle Cost Analysis is a tool that brings together all of the information needed to make an educated choice: initial investment, anticipated service life, overlay and maintenance costs over the roadway's life, the value of money saved as well as spent.

CONCRETE PAVEMENTS ARE RECYCLABLE Concrete pavements can be reused-both for road surfaces and bases. The entire operation can be accomplished on-site. This keeps the nation's landfills free of highway rubble.

CONCRETE PAVEMENTS ARE COOL In urban areas, concrete pavements, together with trees, can reduce summer temperatures by as much as ten degrees! Lessening the need for air conditioning, this means huge energy/dollar savings for towns and cities.


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