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Christensen Brothers, Inc. Construction specializes in Concrete Cast in Place Box Culvert Construction. No project is too big or small for our crews building Box Culverts throughout Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska. If you have a project, Call Us Today!.



When conditions dictate that cast-in-place Box Culverts are the best solution, the use of Welded Wire Reinforcement can save you time and money with our ability to form large sheets of WWR with large diameter wire at variable spacing and higher yield strength.

Multiple cell boxes several hundred feet long have been reinforced with WWR Steel and Wire. Some of these boxes have been used as continuous bridges.

Christensen Brothers have found that the ease in placing all the reinforcement at the proper location with the use of Welded Wire Reinforcement reduces our construction time and labor costs leaving you with a stronger, more cost effective project.


Construction of a box culvert on an already-poured concrete base which includes a concrete riser at each edge thereof and studs encased in the base under the risers which extend horizontally outwardly there from by securing vertical wall forms to such studs so that the wall forms extend upwardly from the outer edges of the risers, connecting the upper edges of the wall forms together at their top by a longitudinal member of adjustable length, rolling interior mold apparatus between the risers and the vertical wall forms, such apparatus having vertical beams carrying vertical interior forms, the vertical beams being connected by expansible rods which force the interior vertical wall forms against the inner edges of the risers into an opposed relationship with the outer vertical wall forms, providing expansible rods connected to the vertical beams so as to maintain them and also the interior vertical wall forms in rigid parallel relationship, securing the outer vertical wall forms and the interior vertical wall forms together at their edges, securing a ceiling form across the upper edges of the interior vertical forms, pouring concrete into the space defined by the outer vertical wall forms and the interior mold apparatus to form the walls and top of the culvert, and when the concrete is sufficiently hardened, removing the forms by increasing the length of the longitudinal member securing the outer wall forms together, contracting the rods connecting the interior wall forms and moving the forms to the next station along the base to repeat the process.


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